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Hello! Welcome to Trax Technologies Limited

Trax offers all its customers the benefit of many years’ experience in the Banking and Information Technology industry. Started in 2004, Trax has provided services to many businesses across several industry verticals. Recently rebranded to “Trax Technologies Limited”, the company has new vision and set of innovative, professional and unique products and services.

To ensure a winning strategy for your business, Trax puts forward a group of highly professional experts to work by your side in your business to understand, build and successfully deliver the right set of products & services.

CONSULTANCY SERVICES : Banking Automation, ATM & Bank Branch Infrastructure, Power Solutions, Renewable Energy Projects
BANKING AUTOMATION : Core Banking Software, Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Rollout, Specialized Applications
INFRASTRUCTURE : ATM Infrastructure, Branch Automation, Data Center
ENERGY SECTOR : Solar & Wind Power solutions
SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS : Specialized applications to tailor-fit the needs of your business and budget.