Innovation . Execution . Delivery

A) Infrastructure:

I) Consultancy, Construction, Intelligent Design and Environment Decoration
TRAX as a company or as a consortium with leading players in the market, work together for total end-to-end solution for setting up smart infrastructure all over the country. Our services include Consultancy, Design and Delivery of Innovative Architectural, Interior, Furniture and other solution to our valued customers.
   Our expertise–
  1. Consulting services
  2. Large scale & mid-range Construction Works (Such as: Corporate Building, Landmark, IT Center, Data Center, Technology Workspace / Industrial Assembly, Civil Infrastructures, etc.)
  3. Total Interior Solutions for Industrial, Corporate (Office), Green Residential, Hospital, Labs, Theater/Auditoriums, Shopping Mall, Restaurants and Pavilions
  4. Architectural design and drawing
  5. Environment friendly LED lighting solution system with & without Solar energy modules

II) ATM & Alternate Delivery Channel Deployment Solution
Modern Banking is all about giving the most innovative services with security, quality and convenience at a very competitive cost to the Customers. We specialize in handholding and guiding Banks and Financial Institutions for their ATM & ADC deployment.
   Our expertise–
  1. Consulting services
  2. Site selection and survey for ATM and / or ADC outlet, Smart Agents, etc.
  3. Design, development and complete installation of smart ATM / ADC setup (Single / Multiple ATM, Fast Track, Agent Banking booth, Semi Branch, Collection Booth, Green Banking branch, etc.)
  4. Branding (Design, printing and setup of branding items)
  5. Complete end to end power supply setup (Grid, UPS backup, Generator, Solar, etc.)
  6. Environment security & control (BMS, EMS, Fire Detection, Distress System, CCTV and other related items)
  7. Technology deployment (setup of Servers, Storage, Workstations, ATM, Router / Switch and other technology equipment).
  8. Environment optimization
  9. After Sales Maintenance and ongoing operations, outsourced / managed services, etc.

III) Single Point Facility Management Service
As a Managed Service, Trax offers the valued customers Bank an optimum Single Point Management Service where Trax will deploy own experienced team to identify ATM Booth location, conduct site survey, evaluate, construct ATM Booth, branding, provide Online UPS with remote management software and ensure quality through proper QC process. Trax shall also provide ongoing maintenance service for all ATM booths under monthly / yearly contract.

B) Compact ATM Jacket / Combo:

As the market leader and first to introduce modern ATM / Kiosk deployment all over the Country, Trax has introduced Compact ATM Jacket / ATM Combo units which are specially designed and made to withstand the rugged environmental condition of Bangladesh. Each unit comes with indoor / outdoor environment control unit (ECU), full electrical works and humidity control, power backup unit (Online UPS), branding and lighting, engineered internal storage rack, outward branding with light box and other interesting functionalities. The system can be deployed at any Corporate, Residential, Shopping Mall, University, Hospital, Train Station and other busy locations. Please contact our specialists for your suitable offer.

C) Renewable Energy:

Renewable Energy is also considered as the most sustainable energy source all across the globe.

Since inception in 2004, Trax has been driven by the belief that the clients’ financial success will propagate a sustainable future powered by renewable energy. We have developed a proprietary technology platform that enables them to deliver accurate and objective answers quickly. Our services are designed to integrate with your modern distribution and marketing strategies to attract and retain customers and investors, and also build a stronger brand value in the market.

Today, TRAX Technologies Limited has a dedicated team that brings modern engineering expertise, marketing experience and commitment to renewable energy at the fullest.

D) Data Center Solution:

Data center is the most important and strategic asset for your organization, we therefore recommend selecting the right partner in order for you to building a stronger future. Trax has the knowledge, expertise and experience in building high-tech multi-tier Data Centers for your business. We support in-building, outdoor portable, underground and various types of Data Center as per customer needs and budget.

We cover end-to-end areas for building the smarts Data Center required.

E) Software Solutions:

Specialized application to tailor-fit the needs of your business and budget; we provide high performance, scalable, and reliable solutions for your business.

Software suites available from our Visual Intelligence Portfolio include:
  • Payment Automation
  • Financial Systems (Conventional and Islamic Banking Applications)
  • Enterprise Backoffice application
  • Payroll
  • Utility Company Billing System
  • Performance Management
  • Income Tax Administration
  • Dashboard
  • Document Management
We also provide uncompromising customer service and post-live support.

F) ATM Procurement & Rollout:

Identifying the right equipment for the right job is a very challenging task when it comes to your business performance. With immense experience in this field, we also offer the Banks to involve us in procurement analysis: Selection of right ATM technology parameters based on individual banking needs, RFP preparation, RFP evaluation, Training and Orientation and neutral Recommendation for final procurement..

G) Consultancy:

Performance-driven companies are increasingly turning to sophisticated and cost-effective information technology (IT) solutions and services to stay competitive in today’s constantly evolving operating environment.

We add real value to your business by assisting and helping you achieve your desired targets.